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For us, our values are what drive us in the pursuit of creating an ethical marketplace that isn't just great for our customers, but also for animals and the planet as well.

Putting Animal Welfare First

Animal welfare is at the very heart of our company.

Things we're proud of:

- We only sell vegan products, and highlight companies that are 100% vegan with our '100% vegan' logo that can be found on product pages and used to filter your searches.

- We only work with companies that sign our cruelty-free declaration form, confirming to us that they do not test on animals. We highlight officially accredited companies with our 'certified cruelty-free' logo that can be found on product pages and used to filter your searches.

- Our packaging is vegan; we do not and will not use any packaging products that contain any animal ingredients, such as some glues, adhesives, stamp inks etc.

- The stamp and ink that we use are 100% vegan. We use Get Stamped for these.

Being Eco-Conscious

We strive to be eco-friendly, and we want to reduce our impact on the environment wherever possible.

Things we are proud of:

- Our packaging is 100% plastic-free. The only exception to this is our Reused Packaging option - see below for details.

- Our Reused Packaging option. We like to reuse the packaging that we receive from our suppliers where possible (we'd rather re-use than recycle), and we offer this as an option for our customers!

- The stamp and ink that we use for our packaging are 100% vegan. We got them from Get Stamped, who only use 100% plastic-free packaging (and they plant trees!)

- The business cards we place in our orders are 100% vegan and are made from recycled paper cups! We use Hatch for these.

- The ribbon we sometimes use in our packaging is made of 100% paper material, and it is biodegradable and recyclable.

Things we want to work on in the future:

- Once we've been running a little longer, we'd like to review our choice of postal service to see if there's a viable option that is more eco-friendly than the others.

If you have any suggestions for how you think we can do more, we'd love to hear from you via our 'contact us' page.


We want to be transparent with you about how we run our business.

Things we are proud of:

- Our cruelty-free declaration form. We are proud of this, and also with how clear we are with our customers about what's in the form.

- Our Q&A videos with the brands on our site. We made these so that you (and we!) could get to know the brands a little better, and they provide an extra level of information and transparency between you and the companies on this site.

In the interest of transparency, here are some things that we think you should know about our business:

- In some instances, we have had to buy products through a wholesaler that works for the supplier. This is most common when the company is based abroad, and they therefore have a UK based wholesale company that they work with. When this happens, it is possible that that wholesaler also sells products from (and therefore profits from) other non cruelty-free companies.

- Although we try our hardest to ensure that all of our suppliers are completely cruelty-free by researching them and requiring a signed declaration from them, if you are only comfortable supporting brands who have been certified by an official independent body then look out for our 'certified cruelty-free' value logo when shopping with us.

- For customers who chose our Reused Packaging option we cannot guarantee that the packaging will be 100% vegan and cruelty-free; chosing this option means we'll reuse packaging that we receive ourselves in our wholesale orders, and so this will be whatever my suppliers have used as their packaging (although it's worth noting that many of our suppliers use plastic-free packaging too, so it probably will be!)